Order: Galliformes Family: Phasiamnae
Chicken Gallus gallus
chicken 150x150
Specimen: G. gallus
Skeleton: Natural bone
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: New Zealand
Size: Base 310 x 200 mm, Height 380 mm
Support: Perspex lath
Catalogue# GG 01 Quality: 1st
Price: $260.00

Species: G. gallus
Skeleton: Natural bone
State: Disarticulated
For Reconstruction
The thoracic, lumbar, pelvis and tail bones are as one unit as are the legs and wings and as such is readily reconstructed. Instructions are not supplied. visit www.theboneman.com for related manuals on skeleton construction. Well worth a visit.
Catalogue# GG 02 $170.00

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