lb01a lb02
   Horse pelvis well aged and split   Horse pelvis is very aged and showing
   LB 01 $75.00
  LB 02 $65.00
 lb03  l04
 Half a horse pelvis  Horse 3 x lumbar vertebrae
LB 03 $35.00
  LB 04 $25.00
 lb05  lb06
 Horse. Lumbar vertebrae.  Cow L vertebrae, damaged.
LB 05 $80.00
 LB 06 $45.00
Cow. Sacrum, L vertebrae, slight damage  Horse pelvis, Sacrum and L vertebrae.
LB 07 $85.00
  LB 08 $180.00
Horse and Cattle ribs  Horse shoulder blade
   LB 09       $16.00 each
 LB 10 $40.00
Cow skull LB 11 Out of Stock
Cow skull LB 12 Out of Stock
                  No lower jaw No jaw, weathered and corroded, for the artist!


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