Skeletal Reconstruction

A bone cleaning, degreasing, bleaching, repair and reconstruction service are offered for fish, birds and land           vertebrar, and the manufacture of display cases to the requirements of the items. This service is only available       within NZ.  

Two recent activities  have been the reconstruction of a Kakapo (Strigops habrophlia) from Cod Fish Island for the   Dept of Conservation and a Yellow-eyed penguin (Megadyptes antipodes) from the Yellow-eyed penguin Trust     Dunedin, in both cases SDU was provided with boxes of field collected bones and given the task of cleaning, degreasing, bleaching, sorting, identifying, reconstruction and setting them up in display case.

                        Kakapo field collected bones                         Kakapo reconstructed
            Yellow-eyed penguin field collected bones.                Yellow-eyed penguin reconstructed